Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Tai Chi may sometimes look like amorphous arm-waving. In fact, the movement originates in the mind, in the body’s core and breath and then travels through the body. Done with knees deeply bent Tai Chi can be aerobic, but also has cardiovascular benefits when done slowly with softened knees.  Movement is efficient, strengthening and relaxing. Tai Chi creates and conserves energy, reducing fatigue and improving physical and emotional balance. While Tai Chi sequences can appear to be confusing and daunting, a very short form can be remembered and practiced with ease.

People of all ages and abilities do Tai Chi. Some people practice Tai Chi to feel their own flow, others come to learn “the steps”;  some for exercise, some for health reasons and others seek a mind-body practice and a form of meditation. Whatever the reasons, everyone can enjoy and benefit from the practice of Tai Chi.

Next time: How the breath supports the body.



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