Who I Am

I am a Tai Chi practitioner, teacher and mind-body psychotherapist (LCSW), in practice for many years. I have an MSW (Masters in Social Work), an M.Ed (Masters in Dance Education), and a CMA (Certified Movement Analyst) from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies). Besides Tai Chi, my movement experience includes years as a dance/movement therapist and movement teacher.


This background contributes to how I understand and teach Tai Chi.  My focus is on improving health and well-being, on pleasure in moving and  integrating mind and body.  Verbal directions and imagery contribute to how I teach, along with appreciation for each person’s unique movement and learning style.  A warm-up lays the foundation for mastering simple and then longer sequences. Classes are designed to be comfortable and all ages, abilities and levels of experience are welcomed.

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